3 Ways To Feel Comfortable During Your Engagement Session



Most couples I have photographed have one thing in common: they all tell me that they feel awkward in front of the camera and don't know how to be comfortable. I can understand how people can feel that way as I myself am camera shy (I know!! A photographer that's camera shy??)

Here are three ways I have used to help my couples feel comfortable in front of the camera, which leads to beautiful photos!

1. Meet up with your photographer a week or two before your session.

Grab coffee, drinks or a meal with them. It gives you both a chance to get to know each other a little more than when you first met. You don't have to tell them your life story, but I urge you to talk about how you both met, what you love about each other, what you love about the location that you will be photographing at. Ask your photographer questions that will allow you to get to know her better, the way you would when getting to know a new friend. When the day arrives for your session, you’ll automatically feel more relaxed if your photographer doesn't feel like a total stranger.  

2. Think good thoughts.

This is very important, as your thoughts will translate into your expressions, which will show up in your photographs. I always suggest to my couples that they think about things that make them relax, as well as romantic thoughts about their love. This way every look, smile and touch you give your love while having your session will reflect that and produce wonderful photos.

3. Have a running conversation with each other.

It can be about anything so long as they are happy thoughts: something funny you heard, something you did together that was fun, or something you know your love will laugh at.  Feel free to throw in something romantic/sexy/naughty.  Have this conversation quietly just between yourselves. Like you're whispering secrets into each others’ ears so it feels like it's just the two of you in your own little bubble and you'll soon forget that there is a camera pointed at you. While you are having your conversation don't hold back on the smiles, giggles, laughs, kisses, hugs, touches and hand holding. I have found this to be the most useful for me personally to feel less self-conscious and awkward in front of the camera.

I hope that this short post will help you to become comfortable in front of the camera and I wish you a wonderful photo session!